The Far Telegraphing Vasa - Theres No Tomorrow


Kan nog bli rätt toppen

Nu börjar de ta sig. Har kollat på ett bra alternativ till tvåhjuling och de har ju varit lite att forska på men nu börjar de faktiskt ta sig. Tycker de är rätt så grymt faktiskt och rätt så fullt med power så här är de ju bara att köra lite och ha lite kul som de handlar om. Jag älskar ju att kunna busa lite och göra exakt vad som behövs. Så lite adrenaline och lite sådant är ju ett måste så här är de ju bara att komma iväg och köra och ha så skoj som de bara ...

Respect not fear?

Is not it a sick world where people even need to have a personal alarm. It really should not be that way. No man should ever feel an urge to harm another human being either mentally or physically. But that is unfortunately out of this world, and therefore all should be equipped with alarms. Alarm as if nothing else in all cases, inform one family about what happened to their loved ones. But the best would be of course if everyone treated each other with love and respect. Would not it be better?

home sick

Next week I am alone with the kids. It is strange that one less in our family gives so much more rest. And that is not because my husband is restless but it is just that there is one person less to take into account. We don’t have to wait for him in the evening for having dinner. And I don’t have to cook complicated because the kids are more in for simple meals such as pancakes and soup. The first days being alone I have to get used and I already know that I will be missing my husband ...